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Desert Diamond Casino Hotel – Tenerife Resort

Located in the heart of Tucson, the Desert Diamond Casino Hotel offers one of the most luxurious accommodations anywhere in the state. If you want a taste of the grandeur and opulence of Las Vegas without having to fly across the country, then this is the hotel for you.

desert diamond casino hotel tucson

Located on the Arizona Strip, the Desert Diamond Casino Hotel is a picturesque hotel that is set amidst beautiful scenery. Each room provides lavish amenities and offers excellent service and very attractive prices. Many celebrities have stayed at this hotel and they remain loyal to the establishment even years after their visit.

To enjoy the luxury of staying in these luxurious hotel suites, you will need to pay for the full package. While you may be tempted to just spend a few hundred dollars, there are packages available that are absolutely worth the price. The following are a few of the perks of the Desert Diamond Casino Hotel.

Along with the advantages listed above, the Desert Diamond Casino Hotel has other amenities that will make your stay comfortable and enjoyable. For example, their specialty, the “Museum Of Figurines”, features original pieces that would be considered by many to be works of art. Some of the pieces include antique movie props and antique statuettes and can be seen in a museum setting or displayed in the lobby itself. These original works of art are a spectacular addition to any home or business environment.

The rooms at the hotel are also spacious and comfortable, and provide many amenities such as a private pool for you to relax in, to entertain in, or for guests to use. The rooms are decorated to offer guests an exquisite dining experience. The rooms also come with LCD televisions so that you will have access to the latest television shows and movies.

When traveling to Tucson, you should consider taking advantage of the restaurants at the hotel. At night, these restaurants offer wonderful live entertainment. Live entertainment also takes place throughout the day on certain days of the week. If you are a sports fan, the Desert Diamond Casino Hotel is the perfect place to eat and enjoy a game.

The Desert Diamond Casino Hotel is one of the most exclusive and best accommodations anywhere in the state. Many of their customers have remained loyal to the establishment for many years after their stay. They are not only thrilled with the service provided, but they are pleased with the atmosphere created by the resort.

Visit the Desert Diamond Casino Hotel for yourself and you will understand why it is so highly rated by guests. Your family or your business associates will be delighted with the luxurious accommodations that are offered at this amazing establishment.