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Desert Diamond Casino in Glendale AZ

In Desert Diamond Casino Glendale AZ, you can play the poker game while dining on the buffet. What a welcome surprise. You do not need to bring your own chips for you can use the ones provided by the casinos.

Each of the three casino tables provide you with a blackjack game, craps and roulette. You may also choose to play a seven-card stud or table games. If you decide to sit and play blackjack, then you can play for free with no bets while at the casino.

There are also tables for Texas hold’em, Omaha, nine-card stud and table games. This casino offers free chips while at the casino and also online games for you to enjoy. With a casino stay in this, you may even entertain guests who come to play.

You may get great amusement and fun playing blackjack with a casino in Desert Diamond that provides you all that you require in a casino, even more. You may participate in the casino’s poker game, blackjack games, craps and roulette. These slots machines offer you variety of games you can enjoy while at the same time have free chips when you play. There are actually a wide range of games that you can play including reels, blackjack, poker, craps and slots.

Desert Diamond is located just a few minutes away from the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport and you may stay for quite some time. With lots of choices, you can pick a preferred casino that best suits your budget. When staying at the casino in Desert Diamond, you get a free shuttle that takes you to your desired hotel.

Desert Diamond has restaurants and bars that serve you from breakfast to dinner and late nights. There are also tea lounges for you to enjoy your favorite beverage in the midst of the hustle and bustle of the city life. When staying at the casino in Desert Diamond, you can take a shuttle to the airport. With a variety of choices, you will find an opportunity to enjoy yourself.

You may start your day with breakfast with coffee and lemonade, try out the many restaurants that are located inside the casino in Desert Diamond, visit the casino cafe or the bar for a cocktail. After a busy day’s gambling, you may want to relax and enjoy the ambiance of the casino. The open spaces of the casino are perfect for taking a long swim or going jogging in the morning.

There are also rooms available to you at the casino in Desert Diamond. The world class customer service guarantees you a comfortable stay, with good food and attractive rooms to enjoy your visit to Desert Diamond Casino Glendale AZ.