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The Desert Diamond Casino

“The Desert Diamond” is a beautiful piece of architecture designed by the acclaimed architect Frank Lloyd Wright to open an entirely new hotel in Glendale, California. The hotel’s design is inspired by a desert diamond, a rare gem that has been found only on a rare occasion. The hotel will offer guests breathtaking views of the desert as well as the surrounding city, making it one of the most beautiful accommodations in the West Valley.

desert diamond casino west valley glendale

Built in collaboration with architects from the Los Angeles area, “The Desert Diamond” will be built on a site directly across the street from the West Valley Glendale Grand Hotel & Museum, a century-old gem that is also owned by the museum and located on a busy street. Designed with a minimalist style, the hotel’s architecture is influenced by the same minimalist styles that characterized Frank Lloyd Wright’s most famous creations, such as the Fallingwater House in Pennsylvania and the Prairie Chapel in Illinois. Guests will also find the hotel’s design similar to that of Westwood Grand Hotel & Residences in New York City, which are designed around an architect who was a major influence on Frank Lloyd Wright’s work.

The casino itself is inspired by a variety of unique features from the surrounding desert landscape. For example, the hotel’s lobby will include the world’s largest water fountain, which will feature an interactive lighting system and the casino’s pool will feature a natural rock formation that is surrounded by an artificial water feature. Each of these features will create a relaxing, yet exciting environment, as guests relax and enjoy the magnificent view of the beautiful desert that overlooks the hotel.

Guests can also look forward to a variety of restaurants and shops in the hotel’s lobby, located directly below the casino itself. Guests will be able to enjoy a variety of delicious food, as well as specialty coffee drinks, hot chocolate and more. These special offerings will provide guests with a taste of the desert while they enjoy an experience that is comparable to the experience offered by many fine dining establishments, but without the high cost.

In addition to offering guests the most unique, luxurious accommodations in Glendale, “The Desert Diamond” will feature an incredible variety of entertainment options. For guests who enjoy fine dining or a night on the town, there will be several different restaurants located around the casino. Guests will also have the option to dine at one of the many award-winning restaurants located around the West Valley Glendale Grand Hotel, a five-star rated establishment that offers award winning cuisine in addition to an outstanding customer service.

If guests are looking for something truly amazing, “The Desert Diamond” is the place to stay while enjoying a beautiful night of entertainment. Whether you are looking for a place to relax and enjoy an exquisite dinner, or a romantic getaway that features the most beautiful views in the West Valley, “The Desert Diamond” will offer it to you, and more. Once guests have their luxurious accommodations, they will experience the true beauty of the desert while enjoying the great hospitality of the West Valley Glendale Grand Hotel.